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To provide a forum for maintenance information exchange to all industries who can benefit from improved equipment reliability through networking, demonstration, benchmarking and leveraged training.

About Us

What is Predictive Maintenance?

Predictive maintenance (PdM) is an effective maintenance strategy that applies various technologies to measure and analyze operating conditions so appropriate actions can be taken to prevent unscheduled downtime.This is based on the concept that most components exhibit some kind of warning prior to failure. Predictive‐Proactive maintenance detects these early warning signs prior to failure, providing meaningful insight into actual component conditions and the potential life of the equipment.


Maintenance resources are better utilized with predictive maintenance because repairs or replacements can be scheduled during noncritical times. In addition, product quality can be improved, employee safety enhanced, equipment uptime increased, maintenance costs decreased and energy savings obtained.

What We Do

OPMUG holds bi‐monthly meetings where various topics related to PdM are presented. These meetings give our members the opportunity to share their own personal PdM experiences and solutions with other maintenance professionals as well as unique opportunities to tour different member facilities.

We also arrange for “world class” predictive maintenance training with discounts of up to 60%. Training costs can account for a large percent of the total dollars required to establish or update a successful PdM program. In this area OPMUG can and has made a significant difference.

Oklahoma Technology Centers

For more than 100 years, Oklahoma CareerTech has been connecting students and businesses with training opportunities that help Oklahomans find rewarding careers and support Oklahoma industries. OPMUG partners with Oklahoma CareerTech and the following technology centers to host our training opportunities and seminars.

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Professional Training by Industry Leaders

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